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Every industry features professionals of varying levels of passion, creativity, and skill. Physical therapy is no different in that some PT’s demonstrate the passion of a novice, while others provide therapy with the skill of a novice. Some PT’s may interact with patients in the flat bedside manner of a senior practitioner waiting to retire, while others have the patience and a listening ear of a seasoned therapist who understands the importance of personal attention. Physical therapy crosses into multiple professional services. The first visit may feel like an examination in a doctors office, while the following sessions resemble a personal training class. Some patients comment that physical therapy at Bellaire PT replaces a counseling session, and others yet value the in depth analysis that an engineer may provide.If you have not read the article “What Type of Patient am I?” to have a better understanding of yourself as a learner and how you interact with others in a work environment. I have found that some patients are “DIY” people, and they resist the advice and prescription of the therapist. I am a DIY person and I prepare myself accordingly before I seek out the advice of another professional. Ask me about my eye doctor experience, and I will tell you about how I almost put the wrong antibiotic ointment in my eye because I thought I knew enough about antibiotic ointments. It turns out that eye ointment is especially formulated to have a pH that is sensitive to the eye mucosa, because the standard ointments is naturally abrasive to the eye.

Remember, we want to help you and if we are not the right fit, we want you to know so we can help you find someone who can help you the first time and before you waste time and money!